The 3 apps that you can’t afford to travel without

If you’re anything like me, you never leave the house without your smartphone. However, also like me, you know that using your data abroad is a great way to rack up your cell bill, fast! No one likes that; so here are my 3 favorite apps that are not only FREE, but that you can use offline.

1. GlobeConvert Free

GlobeConvert Free is a super handy app that allows you to convert any unit of area, currency, energy, length, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, volume, and weight into another.

We Americans are among a few in the world that still use the Imperial System as opposed to the Metric System. How far is that museum from our hotel? 10 kilometers. Ok…but how far is that? GlobeConvert Free will tell you! (It’s 6.213712 miles by the way). How much is that cashmere scarf? Only £10! Hold on there, it’s actually $12.75.

Not only is GlobeConvert Free helpful with budgeting (making sure you know how much you’re actually spending), but also knowing the local temperature, distance, speed limit, etc. The app is free to download and, of course, free to use. While you do need to connect to WiFi or use data to keep conversion rates up to date, this is really only necessary maybe once a week and takes a grand total of a couple seconds.

Click here to get the app for iPhone

Unfortunately, GlobeConvert Free is not yet available for Android phones, and I don’t have one, so I can’t test a comparable app.

2. is basically an offline Google Maps. Before you embark on a trip, download the map or maps of the place or places you will be visiting. You can download maps for an entire country or just certain cities and regions.  Be advised that you do need to be connected to WiFi to download the maps, but once downloaded, they are fully accessible at any time! You can search any place or specific address and you will get turn-by-turn directions for walking, driving, or biking. There is also a long list of handy categories such as: food, toilets, banks, hotels, even WiFi! Whatever category you click on, you can view the listings by distance, or see exactly where they are on the map. Once you decide where it is that you want to go, just click “Route to” and BOOM! Directions! This is super handy for exploring on foot!

Click here to get the app for iPhone

Click here to get the app for Android

3. Triposo

There’s some overlap of information with Triposo and, but the big difference here that I LOVE are the “Mini Guides”. These “Mini Guides” offer up more specific lists like “Top 10 Most Glamorous Bars in London” or “Hotspots for People Watching”. You’re bound to find some great suggestions of things to do or places to go that are right up your alley!

Like, you do have to connect to WiFi to download the guides, but you can do this at any time and always have the guide available, even when you’re offline. Also like, are the easy-search categories, however Triposo takes it one step further and allows you to filter the results. For example: the “Eat and Drink” category breaks down into subcategories such as: “Breakfast”, “Kid Friendly”, “Pub Grub”, and “Wine”. From there, you can filter even further, specifying what part of town you’re in, the type of cuisine, even the architecture! Each listing has a little description, hours of operation, a phone number or contact, and a rating. Some listings also note things like admission price and have pictures. Any listing you click on will have a “Directions” button that will give you the address, and an option to show the location on the map or do a “City Walk”. I will say, they use “Directions” loosely as it’s pretty pointless. The “City Walk” option uses pre-programmed destinations that you can only delete or move; you cannot map the route from a chosen location. It’s the only real downside to an otherwise awesome app.

Click here to get the app for iPhone

Click here to get the app for Android


I hope you give these apps a try next time you go out of town! I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on how they work for you, so leave a comment on any of my social media pages.

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Much Love,

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    1. Hi Emily! I hope you try it out; I’d love to hear what you think! It’s fun to see what’s going on in your city too. You can be a tourist in your own city for a weekend!

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