The Go City Card and Why it’s Awesome!

So my husband and I recently got back from a week and a half excursion to my home state: California.  It had been a while since I’d been back, and he’s never been west of Colorado; not to mention, he still hadn’t met half of my family! Plane tickets to Louisville are surprisingly expensive guys!  A few hundred dollars per person is not reasonable for a wedding in my opinion, so we totally understood! But I digress…I definitely wanted to show him the things I loved and missed about California, but I also wanted to be a tourist and do things I’d never done; and trust me, there’s plenty to do in California!  I never realized just how much tourist-y stuff I’d missed doing purely because I’d lived there.  If you read my post: Be a Tourist in Your Own City, then you’d know what I’m talking about.



I stumbled upon the Go City Card quite by accident, but I’m glad I did!  The card boasts one price that includes multiple popular destinations. The more destinations you visit, the better the deal you get on each.  Obviously, if you’re not planning on visiting very many of these destinations, then it’s not going to be a great deal for you.  However, it can also be a helpful tool in deciding what you want to do and see while in that particular city!


First of all, you’re given a choice of price points, corresponding to the number of days that a pass is valid for.  You then have 14 consecutive days within which to use the pass.  While a pass is valid, you can visit any or all of its included destinations.  (It should be noted that certain passes’ pricing is based on number of attractions instead of number of days with unlimited attractions.  The lack of continuity is annoying, but the savings are still great, so I can’t be thaaaaat mad).  Pricing is also separated into Adult and Child classifications, so the whole family can enjoy the various attractions.  It is also super easy to use; able to be redeemed right from your smartphone!  Just download the app, type in your order number, and voila!  Walk right up and show the box office the pass on your phone!  Some attractions even allow you to scan it right at the entrance, without having to wait in the ticket line.  Also included in the app are maps and guidebooks to help find your way around.  The pass also affords you discounts to select dining, shopping, and transportation establishments. Be advised that some attractions require reservations ahead of time.


The Go City Card currently has passes for 13 U.S. Cities, London, Sydney, and Dubai.




Las Vegas


Los Angeles


New York




San Antonio

San Diego

San Francisco


Washington D.C.

Are you traveling to any of these places in the near future?  See what they have to offer!


Much Love,

Heather ~ The Bargain Bin Traveler


P.S. ~ There are other inclusive passes out there for a broader selection of European and Asian cities that I plan on trying out next year, so stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “The Go City Card and Why it’s Awesome!

  1. Haven’t used this particular card, but these types of cards are a great way to see things that you might not otherwise see. First time I bought one was in Vegas and we did so many things in two days, most of which we enjoyed and most of which we wouldn’t have done without the card.

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